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“Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them.”   Dalai Lama XIV

Equine Right To Life (ER) members and our friends are united as horse pro-lifers for Life

Children for horses stop horse slaughter

provincial horse councils pro slaughter You might ask, why would the provincial councils all over Canada support horse slaughter and eating horses? After all, arent they supposed to be For The Horse? The organizations have betrayed horses and Canadians by supporting the cruel act of horse slaughter and promoting eating horse meat in order to maintain their non-profit society privileges such as being tax-exempt and receiving government grants instead of taking a stand to protect the horses and ensure their continued wellbeing (non-profit organizations in Canada that lobby to change government policy are generally denied charitable status). Ironically, the provincial horse council organizations all over Canada depend on the very animal that they now have crucified for their own survival.horse councils canada pro slaughter

One of the biggest trumpeters of horse slaughter in Canada is a corporation called the Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada (HWAC) which states on its web site that it is in the business of "Promoting the humane handling of horses throughout their life stages."

The corporation was "founded for the sole purpose of representing the interests of the entire Canadian horse industry, to act as advocate for the health, welfare and safety of all equine in Canada."

If this corporation claims to represent the interests of the entire Canadian horse industry, why do we have provincial horse councils and federations and Equine Canada?

Most of the nation's provincial horse councils and federations have partnered with the corporation. Below is a list of Alliance Partners:

Alberta Equestrian Federation 
Alberta Farm Animal Care (AFAC)
Appaloosa Horse Club of Canada
BC Farm Animal Care Council (BCFACC)
Canadian Quarter Horse Association
Farm and Food Care Ontario
Farm Animal Council of Saskatchewan (FACS)
Horse Council BC
Intercity Insurance Services Inc. / Capri Insurance
Island Horse Council Board
New Brunswick Equestrian Association
Newfoundland Equestrian Federation
Nova Scotia Equestrian Federation
Saskatchewan Horse Federation
Equine Canada is not on the corporation's list of Alliance Partners. In its communications, the corporation states that it represents " in access of 100,000 horse owners in Canada.".

Is the corporation and its alliance partners for or against horse slaughtering in Canada?

The corporation is pro-horse slaughter stating that "the horse processing plants in Canada do offer a viable alternative. "¹ ( "processing plants" is substituted for 'slaughter houses').

Do Veterinarians say that horse slaughtering is humane euthanasia?

It is universally agreed by veterinarians and many related specialists that horse slaughter is not humane euthanasia and neither is the method used to slaughter horses.

Is the corporation and its Horse Council/Federation partners really promoting horse slaughter in Canada although veterinarians say that slaughtering is not humane euthanasia and the Ipsus Reid Poll¹ results show that the majority of Canadians oppose slaughtering horses for human consumption?

Yes, the corporation goes as far as promoting not only horse slaughter in Canada but also promotes eating horse meat. Below is an excerpt from a recent interview in March, 2013² with the Chairman of the corporation, Bill desBarres:

CBC Canada: How often do you eat horse Bill?
Bill desBarres: Whenever I am in an area where I can find it. I suppose maybe half a dozen, eight times a year.

CBC Canada: What does it taste like?
Bill desBarres: [...] It tastes good.

In another interview, Bill desBarres commented on the outcome if the Americans stopped shipping horses to Canada for slaughter:
"I would certainly hope that it remains an end-of-life option for our herd in Canada.” However, he also said horse prices in Canada should rise if the ban is enacted, which would provide an opportunity to expand the industry. “We are seeing an increase in horse feedlots in Canada. That will help us with the supply if a supply problem happens,” he said. “There’s some in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and I just heard the other day about one in Ontario that’s (under) development.”³

I feel betrayed by the very organizations that I thought would stand up for horses having a forever quality life! I am one of the horse people (like the majority of Canadians) who don't want horses slaughtered. What do I do about my provincial horse council membership dues funding this corporation that goes against the majority of Canadians on horse slaughter and veterinarians views?! I didn't know that I was signing up for that when I paid my horse council membership dues!

Like many horse owners in Canada, you were not consulted about partnering up with a corporation that is pro-horse slaughter and pro-eating horse meat. Like many Canadian horse owners, you do not support horse slaughter as a humane method to end a horse's life, horse slaughtering in Canada or eating horse meat. Yet you have unknowingly been lumped in with that camp as a statistic in their communications and your membership dues contribute to their pro-horse slaughter and pro-horse meat eating campaigns.

We invite you to look at some of the recourse that you do have:
» Sign online petition to have 25% of your membership dues donated to a horse rescue or pro-life equine organization of your choice.

» Send an email of protest to your provincial premier contact info

» Send an email of protest to the horse Council/Federation that you belong to:

» Alberta Equestrian Federation contact info
Rescues and worthwhile organizations could use my 25% membership donation to keep the horses alive!
» Equine Canada contact info
» Fédération équestre du Québec infocheval@feq.qc.ca
» Horse Council BC contact info
» Prince Edward Island Horse Council Board contact
» Manitoba Horse Council contact info
» New Brunswick Equestrian Association contact info
» Newfoundland Equestrian Federation contact info
» Nova Scotia Equestrian Federation contact info
» Ontario Equestrian Federation contact info
» Saskatchewan Horse Federation contact info

» Have 25 friends, family, horse people, relatives sign a petition for Bill C-322 introduced by MP Alex Atamanenko to end horse slaughter in Canada (online petitions are not accepted in Parliament). Download petition

» Join ER, together we can make a difference!
¹Ipsos-Reid poll, two-thirds (64%) of adult Canadians do not believe in the slaughter of Canadian horses for human consumption: (77% Atlantic, 73% Ontario, 69% British Columbia, 62% Alberta, 56% Manitoba/Saskatchewan). Three percent have no opinion on this issue.
² Excerpt from interview, CBC, All Points West with the Chairman of the Horse Welfare Alliance Of Canada. March 1, 2013.
³ Excerpts from the article: Bill would ban transport of U.S. horses to Canada for slaughter by Robert Arnason, The Western Producer, March 14, 2013.
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