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Equine Right To Life
“Our prime purpose in this life is to help others.
And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them.”
  Dalai Lama XIV

The Equine Right To A Quality Life (Canada)


The Equine Right To Life (Canada) is a Horse Pro-Life movement of Canadian horse owners and supportive individuals that places a horse's wellbeing and welfare throughout the horse's life above profit or unacceptable, cruel methods to end a horse's life.

ER was founded to provide the truth to the Canadian public about the tragic, sad and short lives that many horses live due to the betrayal of Canadian provincial equine organizations/federations and profiteer industries that use horses as objects for profit. ER's commitment to expose the false myths, betrayals and inhumane actions of these entities is relentless.

ER considers the Horse a national treasure to be protected and forever revered for its athleticism, stoicism, courage, beauty and service to our civilization since early times.

The Equine Right To Life (ER) movement believes that horses do not meet

To serve and protect horses in Canada
death humanely in Canada's slaughter houses: It is, simply stated, unjustifiable and wrong to torture a horse to its death. Further, the only humane end of life for a horse that must be put down which is accepted by the veterinary profession and the public is a veterinarian-assisted humane euthanasia. Horse slaughter plants in Canada do not end a horse's life humanely and for that reason ER advocates and supports the end of horse slaughtering in Canada.

The ER recognizes that horse meat is toxic and hazardous for human consumption due to the multitude of pharmaceuticals found in horse meat including de-wormers, hormones and Phenylbutazone ("Bute"), cobra and cone snail venom, blood doping agents, and Demorphin (“frog juice”) all of which are not safe for human consumption.

ER supports and adheres to the VETS FOR EQUINE WELFARE, created by a group of veterinarians from all disciplines.

Clydesdale foals playing
Equine Pro-Lifers, "To Serve & Protect"

WE, as Canadian horse owners and other supportive individuals, treasure the horse as a strong, intelligent animal that throughout history has helped us in so many ways:

Horses have been our allies in fighting wars, supplied us with food by plowing our land and harvesting our crops, by building our homes with clearing our land, and by providing the only means of transportation from community to community throughout Canada for so many years in our history.
The Horse has served us with loyalty, dedication and friendship.

The horse helped us to build this wonderful Nation.

Equine Right To A Quality Life (ER) members and our friends are united as horse pro-lifers for Life and make oath "To Serve and Protect the horse as long as we shall live".

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