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“Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them.”   Dalai Lama XIV

Equine Right To Life (ER) members and our friends are united as horse pro-lifers for Life

Paul McCartney

robert redford and elebrities against horse slaughter Celebrity Supporters
opposed to the inhumane method used to kill horses in slaughter houses

Robert Redford
Leonard Cohen
Sir Paul McCartney
Willie Nelson
Olivia Newton-John
Rita Coolidge
Ellen DeGeneres
Tanya Tucker
Shania Twain
Jeff Bridges
Clint Eastwood
Whoopi Goldberg
Jane Goodall, PhD.
The late Merv Griffin
Arlo Guthrie
Mary Tyler Moore
William Shatner
Ed Asner
Mrs. Gene Autry
Shane Barbi-Wahl
Sia Barbi
Barbara Bosson
Bruce Boxleitner
Christie Brinkley
Keely & Pierce Brosnan
Clay Canfield
Kenny Chesney
Jarrod Cooper, retired NFL player
Stewart Copeland
John Corbett
Alex Cord
Catherine Crier, Court TV
James Cromwell
Tony and Jill Curtis
Lacy J. Dalton
Ron Delsener
 - Ron Delsener Presents
Snoop Dogg
Mike Epps
Will Estes
Shelley Fabares
Morgan Fairchild
Mike Farrell
 - Amy Nelson and Cathy Guthrie
Morgan Freeman
Kinky Friedman
Melissa Gilbert
Gene Hackman
Merle Haggard
Jack Hanna,
 - Director Emeritus,
Daryl Hannah
Tess Harper
Tippi Hedren
Mariel Hemingway
Laura Hillenbrand
 - author of Seabiscuit
Shooter Jennings
George Jones
Ashley Judd
Toby Keith
Eddie Kilroy
Carole King
Johnny Knoxville
Carson Kressley
Kris Kristofferson
Bonnie-Jill Laflin
Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling
Mrs. Roger (Mary) Miller
Steve Miller
Constantine Maroulis
Ali McGraw
Jesse & Joy McReynolds of Jim & Jesse
Connie Nelson - Outlaw Management
Hayden Panettiere
Tatjana Patitz
Alexandra Paul
Ray Price
The late Richard and Jennifer Lee Pryor
Bonnie Raitt
Carl Reiner
Keith Richards
Eric Roberts
Dale Robertson
Kid Rock
Theresa Russell
Nicollette Sheridan
Chris Shivers
 - two-time PBR World Champion
Paul Sorvino
Mira Sorvino
Marty Stuart
Loretta Swit
Bernie Taupin
Billy Bob Thornton
Rob Thomas
Marisol Thomas
John Trudell
Ken Wahl
Mike White
 – 1999 PRCA World Champion
Alice Berkman Williams
Noah Wyliev
Dwight Yoakam

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Horses have served Canadians since the earliest times of human civilization.
Now it's our turn to help them.

End horse slaughter in Canada
Equine Rights To Quality Lives movement
of horse owners and friends

The Equine Right To A Quality Life movement (ER) Canada advocates equine rights for quality lives.

Love horses forever
ER was founded to provide the truth to the Canadian public about the tragic, sad and short lives that many horses live due to the betrayal of Canadian provincial equine organizations/federations and profiteer industries that use horses as objects for profit. ER's commitment to expose the false myths, betrayals to horses and and horse owners and the inhumane actions of some horse industries such as the slaughter and racing industry, is relentless.

For example, slaughtering horses is an Unnecessary Evil perpetuated by profiteers of the business. Horse slaughter is not humane euthanasia. The horse slaughter industry is not a big employer. Canadian horses will not starve to death or be abandoned if we don't slaughter them. The horse slaughter industry costs Canadian taxpayers millions of dollars to keep the industry alive which could be better spent on keeping horses alive. The horse slaughter industry poses an environmental nightmare.

If you truly do love horses and admire their service to humans since the beginning of our civilization, then Join us, celebrities, horse veterinarians and friends to work for equine rights and quality lives for all horses. Read more about ER in our Mission Statement

Myths about horse slaughter
> Horses sent to auction end up in good homes
The sad truth is that the Canadian slaughter industry's killer-buyers have the financial means to outbid ordinary folks who want to provide a good home for a horse at the auctions. Most horses are sent to auctions by people who do not know that killer-buyers for slaughter houses outbid well-intending folks.

The Killer-buyers for the Canadian horse slaughter industries objective is to get as many healthy horses as possible to send to slaughter.

Some horse industries simply can't be bothered looking for placements for their horses when they can't perform as top athletes any longer and send the otherwise healthy horses directly to auctions instead knowing that they will extract more easy money on the horses from the killer-buyers waiting there.

> Horse meat is healthy
Horses are not raised or regulated as livestock. Therefore, horse meat contains many toxic and banned substances from medications and treatments that the horses have had during their lives. Even a simple application of horse wormer contains ingredients dangerous to human health and banned by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for human consumption.
> Horse slaughter is a 'necessary evil' for unwanted horses
The 'unwanted' horses is also a slaughter industry phrase to make people think that the industry is providing a service for horse people and horses instead of the real reason which is making huge profits serving our horses meat to European and Asian markets for their consumption.

The truth is that horse breeding societies all across Canada are paying foal breeding incentives of $1,000+ in an effort to increase the diminishing Canadian horse numbers and Canadian taxpayers are unknowingly supporting the breeding industries (and thereby horse slaughter) via various government funding schemes.

Without a constant supply of Canadian horses, the slaughter industry cannot survive. Phrases like 'humane slaughter', 'necessary evil', are commonly used by the slaughter industry to satisfy the industry's need for a constant supply of our horses to slaughter. Currently, Canada's slaughter industry kills and butchers nearly 80,000 healthy horses every year (since the industry can't fulfill any profitable quotas with only Canadian horses, it imports approximately 70% from the USA also).

It takes a lot of healthy horses lives and millions of dollars of Canadian taxpayers money to keep the Canadian horse slaughter industry alive.

> Only old or sick horses are slaughtered
The slaughter industry provides horse meat for human consumption. Old and sick horses are not wanted into the food supply.
> Horse slaughter is humane
It is wellknown that horse slaughter is cruel, barbaric and unethical: Horses are tortured to death and butchered alive. The term 'humane slaughter' is another slaughter-industry phrase used by people/organizations who profit or benefit in some way from the slaughtering of horses.

“As a veterinarian I realize the inevitability of euthanasia in certain cases, but to equate the slaughter process with humane euthanasia is the height of hypocrisy.”
Dr. John K. Griggs, DVM

> Horse Councils in Canada are against slaughtering horses and eating horse meat
Nothing could be further from the truth. Provincial horse councils and federations all over Canada sold out on horses and joined the horse slaughter industry so that they could keep their tax-exempt status instead of standing up for the wellbeing and welfare of Canada's long-serving horses.

To make matters worse, the provincial councils and federations have joined in partnerships to promote horse slaughter and eating horse meat. They carefully hide that fact from their horse owner members (wonder why?), yet they use their members numbers (100,000+ horse owners) in their pro horse slaughter campaigns and eating horse meat promotions.

The truth is that many horse owners have no idea that their horse councils have joined league with the horse slaughter industry and use their membership dues in that effort.

Veterinarians and Celebrities Talk, Horse Slaughter is not Humane. TORTURE IS THE METHOD USED TO KILL HORSES IN CANADA'S SLAUGHTER HOUSES

“If we did this to a cat, or a dog or a human instead of a horse,
we would be regarded as mad insane criminals.”    Equine Right To Life (ER)
From transport to slaughter
Horses slaughtered are mostly healthy horses. Old and sick horses are not wanted into the food supply.
Dr. Friedlander further states that, "These animals regain consciousness 30 seconds after being struck, they are fully aware they are being vivisected."

Despite the horse's loyal and endless service to humankind, our communities and our civilization, horses lives are ended in unimaginable torture in Canada's four slaughter houses.

Horses are routinely hit and beaten with prods to force them into a steel chute where an employee stands with a captive bolt pistol (the captive bolt was designed for cattle not horses) aimed directly at the horse's face. As the shooter tries to aim the pistol at the horse's moving forehead (horses are highly intelligent and move their heads instinctively away), the shooter often misses, thereby causing injury to other parts of the face, retries multiple times, and while still alive, the horse is then moved out of the 'stun box' and a chain is placed around its back leg and the injured horse is hung breathing and alive upsidedown by its one leg.

“A significant and unacceptable number of mis-shots, were observed throwing horses violently to the ground, into the sides of the stun box, and some onto their backs. Only a few of these mis-shot horses were afforded a second shot.
The shooter also whipped an older and obviously lame horse (#93) 19 times. ” Dr. Debi Zimmermann B.Sc (Zoology), D.V.M.
Review of Horse Slaughter Video Footage from Bouvry Exports and Viande Richelieu slaughter houses in Canada

For the few horses who are stunned by the shooter, the horses will regain consciousness approximately thirty seconds later while suspended in the air breathing and alive.

“These animals regain consciousness 30 seconds after being struck, they are fully aware they are being vivisected.” Dr. Lester Friedlander, D.V.M. (Veterinarian)
“The captive bolt pistol is not satisfactory for horses since firm pressure on the forehead is essential for its effective use and this tends to be resisted by the horse.” Australian Veterinary Association

Either way, the battered and injured horse is still fully conscious at the start of the slaughter process and hanging helplessly, then has its throat slit (bled out) to watch and feel its own body being vivisected (skinned and dismembered) and while still alive and watching its body being butchered, the horse in prolonged and excruciating pain, eventually dies.

“This atrocity goes against all veterinary guidelines for humane euthanasia.”
Dr. Nicholas H. Dodman, D.V.M.
Tufts University School Of Veterinary Medicine professor

If we did this to a cat, or a dog or a human instead of a horse, we would be regarded as mad insane criminals.

For those who want 'to see the ineffective stunning practices on the horses for themselves' we hope that you will agree that the Canadian horse slaughter plants video footage below is graphic and tragic.

Canada horse slaughter video footage
Bouvry Exports
Fort Macleod, Alberta.

North Americas largest exporter of horse meat.
Click to play Click to play Click to play

Statement of veterinarian Dr. Nicholas H. Dodman, D.V.M.: “Noise, blood and suffering is what you get at the Bouvry equine slaughter plant: Horses kicking after they have been shot, sinking down and rising up; sometimes periods of struggling or paddling before a second or third shot has to be administered. This atrocity goes against all veterinary guidelines for humane euthanasia. Terror and suffering is the rule at this equine house of horrors ... and all in the name of the gourmet meat market.”

Dr. Nicholas H. Dodman, D.V.M., one of the world's most noted and celebrated veterinary behaviorists, a founding member of Veterinarians for Equine Welfare, and Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine professor, after reviewing the [Bouvry equine slaughter plant videos] for HSI (Humane Society International).

Canada horse slaughter video footage
Viande Richelieu Inc.
Massueville, Quebec.

The investigative report was released Tuesday, March 13, 2012
by the Canadian Horse Defense Coalition (CDHC).

Click to play Click to play Click to play

Statement of veterinarian Dr. Peggy Larson, DVM:
Slaughter plants do not consider the condition of the horse. The horse is just meat on the hoof to be killed, processed, and sold as fast as the process will allow. I would never send one of my horses to a slaughterhouse, and I would never suggest that a client do so.
Dr. Lester Friedlander, DVM states that the captive bolt used to slaughter horses is simply not effective. Horses and other equines, in particular, are very sensitive about anything coming towards their heads and cannot be restrained as required for effective stunning.
Dr. Anna O'Brien, DVM
Do I like the thought of my favorite equine patients being shipping off to slaughter? Of course not. Worse yet, could I ever envision my beloved old pony Wimpy being sent off in the same manner? Hell no!
Dr. Debi Zimmermann, DVM
In addition to this psychological pain, these horses also suffered physically in numerous ways. These included slips and falls, fractures, numerous mis-shots with some horses requiring a second or even third bullet; some horses regaining consciousness before or while being suspended by one leg, and/or when their throats were being slashed: excessive traumatization during assembly; excessive whippings of their bodies and across their faces (Richelieu), and excessive use of electric prods (Richelieu).
As a result of current slaughterhouse industry practises, horses must endure unacceptable levels of suffering, both emotionally and physically. As this is an issue of cruelty, it deserves immediate attention, along with a moratorium on all similar facilities in the interim.
From Dr. Zimmermann's Review of Horse Slaughter Video Footage from Bouvry Exports and Viande Richelieu horse slaughter houses located in Canada

* To show that the barbaric slaughtering of horses is not exclusively limited to the two slaughter plants above, we have posted other videos on a seperate page.

We hope that you will agree with the experts that the method used to, in effect, psychologically and physically torture horses until they die behind the closed doors of Canada's horse slaughter factories is cruel, barbaric and horrific.

ER supports and adheres to the VETS FOR EQUINE WELFARE, created by a group of veterinarians from all disciplines.

We believe that if a horse does not meet its death humanely (and the only humane method currently available is veterinarian-assisted euthanasia) then this barbaric, cruel, merciless torturing of horses in our nation's slaughter houses behind closed doors to their eventual death, must end.

Torture, simply stated, is unjustifiable,
criminal, and wrong.
Do you want it stopped? Join ER, other horse owners of Canada and friends and celebrities who support our view, today.
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